Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day BBQ

For Memorial Day, we had my family over for a BBQ and some outside fun. It was such a beautiful day! Jer did all the work with the meat (the choosing {is it sad that I still have no clue how to buy a good steak?}, the seasoning, the grilling), and me and my sisters divided and conquered with the rest of the dinner. It was delicious! Especially the steak! :) 

 It was the perfect day for a picnic. The cute kiddos definitely agreed! They were so excited that they got to sit on a blanket in the yard. Mostly we just didn't have enough room at the table for everyone, but they didn't care. They were thrilled!

After dinner, all the outside games started. This is maybe my favorite picture that I've captured so far. I think it's adorable. Josh (my brother in law) and Jeremy kept the kids real busy and wore them out real good playing soccer and a little bit of football.

 Cute kids and a fun day!

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