Thursday, December 1, 2011


I just wanted to share something that I found super inspirational. A year or so ago, BYU's Women's Services department did a "Recapturing Beauty" campaign where they worked to get women to focus on inner beauty rather than what's on the outside. They had Stephanie Nielsen come do a presentation. I  tried to go and dragged Jeremy with me, but we couldn't even find a parking spot and it was promised that it would be online so I just decided to wait. I watched it as soon as it was up and it was so amazing. She is such an incredible person. Just a few weeks ago, I was teaching a MiaMaid lesson about overcoming adversity and wanted to badly to share part of her talk with my class. She is such an amazing example of how to overcome adversity with a glad heart and learn from her experiences to teach others and brighten others' lives. They didn't have it on the BYU site anymore where it used to be, so I looked and looked and finally found it. It's pretty long, like 40 mins or so, but if you have time, it's so worth it. It really helps me put things into perspective.

Stephanie Nielsen @ BYU - "Finding and Loving Your Beauty" from BYU Womens Services on Vimeo.