Sunday, April 3, 2011


It took me an extra hour to get home from work on Friday. A crash happened about a minute in front of me. I had just slowed down to a complete stop on I-15 when I heard the traffic report on the radio saying I would be "at freeway speeds" all the way home... so I figured something must have just barely happened. Everyone has heard the expression that before you complain about not having any shoes, you should think of the person that has no feet. I've thought about this before in previous traffic jams I've been stuck in.... and have decided that before I complain about being stuck in traffic, I should think about those who just got in an accident. I honestly have nothing to complain about. Plus, Friday was a beautiful day and since I wasn't moving at all, I just turned off my car (yes, I literally was parked on the freeway) and rolled down my windows and enjoyed the fresh air.

{Part of my sympathy may have come from the fact that when I was in an accident last year some guy had the nerve to yell out his window and ask if "we were going to clean this up soon?" so that his drive home wouldn't be too inconvenient because of the traffic... really mister? I didn't think about it much then, I was too distracted, but now I just can't ignore the fact that that was pretty selfish of him. Not that I'm still bitter about it, it's just that I don't want to be that person that's only thinking about myself.}

Next time you're in a traffic jam, just think of all you have to be grateful for.